Did you know – Your Whatsapp Account can be hacked in 30 Seconds!

Did you know – Your Whatsapp Account can be hacked in 30 Seconds!

Did you recently get a request from someone from your contacts list on Whatsapp asking for a verification code? Beware! It could possibly be a scammer, on your contact’s Whatsapp, who is making the request, just to invade into your Whatsapp account. This is a new variant in scam, here the scammers get hold of the Whatsapp account of the victim through verification codes, by which the victims lose access to their accounts.

How does this happen?

* The hacker creates a verification code & sends to the victim’s number hiding under the name of the victim’s friend.
* Once the hacker gets the verification code, he hacks the victim’s whatsapp instantly and manages to manipulate the two-step verification process.
* The victim’s account is completely hacked now! The victim will now have to contact various sources and wait for atleast a few days to retrieve the whatsapp account.

How do you know your whatsapp is hacked?

* When you are in a third-party device and have not signed out properly from the device, it can be easily hacked by anyone who is using the device.
* Suppose, if you have lost your SIM card or your phone, which is your registered number for the whatsapp account, there are chances that the hacker might try to login with your mobile number. So, if you lose your sim card or phone, block it immediately.
* You will get a popup message, saying that your number is already in use in another device.

Ways to escape from the Whatsapp Scam

* Keep your phone’s IMEI number confidential.
* Refrain from installing unknown apps
* Don’t ever scan unwanted QR code
* Keep your phone private
* Stop the people who look to access your MAC address
* Protect your whatsapp account with a two-step verification code
* Never share the verification code or transfer money based on whatsapp message. Call the concerned person to confirm the same.

Though whatsapp is preferred by millions of users, it has its own limitations. There are a huge number of whatsapp hacking attempts that is going on every day. So, protect your account & stay safe.

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