Social Activities

It is a great pleasure to be a part of Social interest groups. They provide an opportunity to build trust and get to know people in an environment where there are no pressures or agenda, interacting as equals, outside the hierarchies of professional environments.

Having been a part of various activities of social nature and being a prominent and active member, along with our team we have executed and managed “Oman and Qaboos Project” as a part of the 45th National Day celebration in Oman. Whereby the thought of the project was to draw the map of Oman on a large scale and take it on a tour around diverse locations within Muscat to acquire signatures from Omani citizens and expatriates.

Another interesting Project was the Promotion of Khatwa Physical activity campaign of Ministry of Health Oman. The changing lifestyle and lack of physical activity has contributed significantly to the rise in cardiovascular diseases and other major health problems. The overall aim of the campaign was to communicate specific and innovative messages about physical activity to inform, persuade and motivate the population to consider being more physically active. The campaign was a success and lead way to a large number of people becoming more aware and conscious about their health.

I’m also providing Consultation for PHD students regarding their projects. The candidates and their supervisors can arrange an appointment at an early stage for advice on the project plan, research design and data analysis and related suggestions for relevant post-doctoral courses in methods and statistics. They can also come along with any questions or queries regarding the matter.

Education and Career Guidance for Students is about equipping them with the necessary knowledge, skills and values to help them make informed career decisions. I’m assisting in inculcate self- awareness, self-directness, and life skills in the students and also help them appreciate the value of all occupations by nurturing the young minds.

I’m also providing Consultative Support for Blackmailed victims by helping them to recognize a potential criminal approach and providing online advice and making them regain control. We also enlighten them on the importance of reporting the crime to local police.