ICT Expert

An authorized expert at the Ministry of Justice (Communication and Information Technology).

The increasing incidence of crimes on social media networks such as black mailing, Online Threats, Stalking, Cyber bullying, Hacking, Fraud, and other issues  is considered as threat for corporate organizations and individuals alike. Mubarak Al-Hadadi    — serving as an ICT (Information and Communication Technology) advisor provide outstanding services in areas such as technical advisory in information technology, communications, and social network crimes, in front of courts, public prosecution and attorney, to individuals and International companies regarding communication and information technology crimes.

With years of experience in the field, Mubarak Al-Hadadi has received significant exposure in streamlining of operations & implementing sound business practices enhancing service quality and boosting ICT and IT security parameters depending on business as well as operational requirements. He has possessed a wide range of expertise in

  • cyber risk
  • cyber security
  • data protection and resilience

These services are now considered an utmost necessity especially after the technological development, people‚Äôs usage of technology in their daily life and the continuous search about cyber security in all fields.  Through a variety of consulting roles, helped organizations prepare for cyber breaches and data loss events across global sectors including Telecom, Government, Oil and Gas, Banking, and much more.

  • Provides guidance and expertise on technical matters
  • Cyber security and data protection
  • Provides awareness about cyber security
  • Experience in front of courts, public prosecution and attorneys
  • Assists and advises on operational management of ICT

As an ICT expert, my aim is to protect our clients against any information that would be published in an undesirable way through various social media platforms, thus ensuring, confidentiality and identity of governmental and private institutions.