Historical Collections

The Historical Collections comprises of various artifacts collected overtime. The objects are an important intellectual resource for the study of the social and cultural history of the past.

The Khanjar

A valuable handcrafted khanjar or an Omani dagger has been a quintessential part of male dress in the Sultanate for hundreds of years. It is worn on a belt around the waist and reflects manhood, social standing and an engaging cultural heritage. In the past it was worn on a daily basis for protection, while today it stands as a national symbol, which worn only in times of celebration or formality, or as protocol demands.


Swords of 17th Century having European/Portuguese blades from when the Omani was fighting the Portuguese do hold a remembrance from the past. The blade is broad and straight and has the shape of a half-broad sword and is rather heavy and not flexible.


Very fine Steel lock and Key with some geometric Ornamentation’s and tiny remainders of brass or gold inlays. Also present are wooden locks with wooden keys beautifully carved to perfection. These types of locks were used throughout the Middle East.


Collections of various household artifacts consisting of pottery, copper ware, furniture, windows, doors, keys and accessories that dates from the 3rd millennium BC to the 20th century. Also comprising are a variety of trays, bowls, containers, spoons, cooking vessels and coffee pots, which are fashioned in copper and lined with tin. The furniture in the collection includes fine beds, wardrobes, cabinets and chests that represent typical pieces found in Omani homes. There are decorative windows and doors in the collection as well as keys and other authentic household accessories.