Cybercrime Challenges – A Quick Look

Cybercrime Challenges – A Quick Look

In the year 2013, there were only 500,000 malicious applications, but the numbers have increased considerably to over 3.5 million. The strange fact is 77% of the applications are considered to be malware. Hackers are now making use of automated tools to recognize defenseless websites or web pages, and the owner could identify it only after 200 days. By this time, the hacker would have whipped every piece of information. A report states that ‘34 percent of people globally’ are ready to pay the demands in ‘ransom’. Not just individuals, many organizations have also fallen prey to this attack.

Even after the business identifies the crisis, they could not recuperate, as they do not have a proper strategy to recover their financial data, customer information or server. The following applications are identified to cause more threat

* Ransomware WannaCry attack
The bane of cybersecurity – Ransomware can be launched for just $10. The ransomware attacks have increased worldwide by 36%. This virus can take control of any information and can be removed only on the demands of the cybercriminal!
* DoS & DDoS
The main goal of this attack is to flood the targeted server with new connection requests, ultimately ravaging the server with data and make it stop accepting new connections.
* Hijacking
Some hackers are smart at guessing the user’s passwords or use special software, tracking the keystrokes of the user. What could these attacks possibly cause to your business?

* The hackers take control of your social channels and destruct you fame among your valuable customers.
* There are possibilities that these cybercriminals could make a fake journalistic report in your business name.
* The hackers might also create social accounts under your brand’s name.
* You must be also ready to face lots of online bad reviews.

Data security is important for businesses of any size. So, take care to apply stringent security measures in all your systems.

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