Digital Forensic Services Saudi Arabia

Digitization initiatives help in sustainable growth in businesses and all sectors. Digital transformation, the rapid adoption of new technologies, especially IoT and multi-cloud environments, has impacted security to a great extent. It is important to strengthen its cybersecurity and risk management practices around digital actions. An effective way to be prepared for the ever-evolving cyberattacks is to have the right plan, strategy, and experienced hands to meet the demands.

As one of the leading Cybersecurity and Information Security Consultant, Mubarak Al Hadadi has extensive experience in providing cost-effective digital forensic services for clients in Saudi Arabia, and Middle East countries.

Advanced and Cost-effective Digital Intelligence Solutions

When organizations face a cyberattack, Mubarak Al Hadadi undertakes all aspects of digital forensics, with a view to minimize the threat and safeguard the critical information infrastructure. From assisting clients with cases of fraud, IP theft, to malware identification, our team are at your service in the event of any cyberattacks.

The root cause has to be detected to stop the re-occurrence of such security breaches.Digital Forensic Saudi ArabiaWhatever be the issue, we identify preserve and analyze any data to minimize damage and reduce downtime, so that your business can be protected from any inappropriate data use or data loss.

Areas Covered:

  • Crisis management and data breach response
  • Phone and Computer Forensics
  • Network forensics and log analysis
  • Server forensics and data recovery
  • Litigation support & expert witness services
  • Post-incident remediation
  • Incident reporting services
  • Investigating employees’ cyber behavior
  • Imparting training on digital forensics
  • Social media analysis & deep/dark web research
  • Cyber threat assessments & intelligence
  • Proactive cyber readiness consulting
  • eDiscovery support services

If you think you may be in need of a digital forensic service in Saudi Arabia, why not call our expert team? If you have any questions about our digital forensics services or would like to speak to our experts, please get in touch with us. We are glad to be of assistance.