Digital Forensic Services Kuwait

Digital Forensics is an electronic discovery technique used to preserving, collecting, analyzing, and presenting evidence located on computers and other digital devices. As specialists in Digital Forensics, Mubarak Al Hadadi provides services for clients in Kuwait and beyond. Our services are available to law firms, corporations, financial institutions, and governments in Kuwait and virtually anywhere on the globe. We offer comprehensive forensic services for electronics, phones, computers, networks, and websites.

When a crisis occurs in the organization then the incident response team has to take appropriate action to resolve conflict through fact-finding and critical analysis. Over the years, we have successfully handled many cases related to computer security and digital evidence related incidents. Here are the Services offered

  • Phone and computer forensicsDigital Forensic Services Kuwait
  • Computer hacking forensics
  • Network forensics and log analysis
  • Server forensics and data recovery
  • Litigation support & expert witness services

Depending on the investigational goals and the circumstances of the case, each case in digital forensics differ. We can help with every phase of the case, offering the best support and assistance in giving you the benefit of our experience in all areas of cyber security and forensics.

What We Do?

  • Investigate and analyze the illegal behavior that has happened
  • Address business vulnerability and assign roles and responsibility
  • Counter with different threats for your reputation
  • Maintain confidentiality and integrity of your business
  • Provide Investigation reports
  • Assess new external to protect internal assets
  • Assist you in flagging internal errors or spotting illegal behavior
  • Technical support to manage risk

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