Digital Forensic Services Bahrain

Want digital forensic services in Bahrain? Need help to recover deleted images or call data records? Then why not consult the office of Mubarak Al-Hadadi. Serving the areas of Bahrain, and beyond, the office of Mubarak Al Hadadi offers timely and cost-effective forensic and investigation services for a wide variety of financial and accountancy matters. As specialists in Digital Forensics, Mubarak Al- Hadadi provides services to law firms, corporations, financial institutions, and governments in Bahrain and virtually anywhere on the globe.

Computer security and digital evidence related incidents and their associated losses are increasing at a rapid rate. That’s why there is a urgent need to investigate and analyze the illegal behavior that has happened. Whatever be the case – whether it is recovery deleted images, spotting illegal behavior, white collar crime, we can assist you in flagging internal errors or spotting illegal behaviour.

Digital Forensic Services in BahrainOver the years, we have conducted several electronic discovery and forensic analysis cases, and has suggested appropriate solutions in many high profile cases. Our team are experts in analyzing all forms of Digital Forensics such as Cyber Forensics, Cellular Phone Analysis, and Hard Drive Analysis.Utilizing the latest tools and technologies, we carry out detailed digital forensic investigation, we carefully learn the details of each case to conduct timely and thorough investigations.

What We Deliver

  • Computer forensic investigations
  • Crisis management and data breach response
  • Audio/Video, Automotive forensics
  • Forensics accounting
  • Post-incident remediation
  • Incident reporting services
  • Investigating employees’ cyber behavior
  • Imparting training on digital forensics
  • Social media analysis & deep/dark web research
  • Cyber threat assessments & intelligence
  • Proactive cyber readiness consulting
  • eDiscovery support services

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