Cases Worked On

Bringing more than 20 years of technology industry leadership, expertise, and executive management, I have managed IS and IT security parameters across diverse roles in the organizational hierarchy.

Threats can take many different forms, including unauthorised access to data with the intent of committing fraud against individuals or businesses. Recognizing the critical role IT and cybersecurity in every aspect of our clients’ business operations, I have assisted a number of projects, assisting them in the fight against cybercrime and to protect clients against fake Social Media users, followers and links.

Here Are the Projects Have Worked On

  • Assisted to Public Prosecution of Oman to gather evidences for many cases
  • Financial fraud on biggest Oman bank
  • Whatsapp hacking case
  • Blackmailing case
  • Social media hacking case

Serving as an experienced arbitrator and business expert, I provide services in many areas such as technical advisory in front of courts, public prosecution and attorney, ICT advocacy offices, International companies and individuals in communication and IT crimes.