Arbitration Services Kuwait

Arbitration has become the one of the widely used means of resolving international disputes. For the vast majority of individuals and businesses in Kuwait, disputes often end up in courts, costing everyone time and money. When all your efforts to resolve legal disputes have failed, you need the services of a professional arbitrator. This is where Mubarak Al-Hadadi can find the best solution for.

Mubarak Al Hadadi is an authorized expert at the Ministry of Justice (Communication and Information Technology) Oman has wealth of experience representing clients in different arbitration matters. We represent clients in Kuwait and worldwide, providing advice on all forms of commercial disputes. Our team of professionals has provided adequate solutions in many of the largest and most complex international arbitration’s.

With a thorough understanding of the Arbitration Law, our team provides appropriate guidance and solutions to a wide range of legal disputes.Arbitration Services Kuwait

  • Technical advisory for advocacy offices and courts
  • Protecting the confidentiality and reputation of clients
  • Private procedure of arbitration
  • Security and incident response services
  • Forensic investigation of fraud and financial crime

Our Strengths

  • Specialized in everything related to arbitration (commercial, civil, administrative or legitimate)
  • Plead and direct proceedings administrative issues in all courts : primary, appellate and upper court
  • Specialized expertise in providing domestic arbitration, Foreign Investment Arbitration, arbitration Relating to Mining Contracts, Information Technology (IT) and Telecom Related Arbitrations
  • Providing expert reports and testimony

Whatever the arbitration matters be, we can effectively deliver objective outcomes for our clients. To learn how you can gain competitive advantage with our arbitration services, call us today.