Arbitration Services Dubai

An authorized expert at the Ministry of Justice (Communication and Information Technology) Mubarak Al Hadadi provides expert advisory services for clients in Dubai and UAE. For the vast majority of individuals and businesses in Dubai and UAE, disputes wind up in litigation, which costs a lot of time and money. As arbitration service provider, Mubarak Al Hadadi offers a better alternative to resolving disputes.

Dubai ArbitrationTo meet the demands of clients, the office of Mubarak Al-Hadadi provide the following arbitration services for clients in Dubai.

  • Provide exceptional consulting services
  • Specialized in everything related to arbitration (commercial, civil, administrative or legitimate)
  • Plead and direct proceedings administrative issues in all courts : primary, appellate and upper court
  • Specialized expertise in providing domestic arbitration, Foreign Investment Arbitration, arbitration Relating to Mining Contracts, Information
  • Technology (IT) and Telecom Related Arbitration’s

Mubarak Al-Hadadi can help you resolve a variety of disputes. He has vast experience in providing:

  • Technical advisory for advocacy offices and courts
  • Uses the latest and most advanced technologies, procedures and processes for acquiring and analyzing information.
  • Protecting the confidentiality and reputation of clients
  • Private procedure of arbitration
  • Security and incident response services
  • Forensic investigation of fraud and financial crime

We’re available for any comments, questions, or concerns you might have about our arbitration services. For more details, call us today.